The following are top news, links, video, articles, and downloads that were interesting in the month of July:

SharePoint News

Top 10 SharePoint Tweets From

  1. Gov 2.0 Kit v2 for SharePoint 2010
  2. Profile synchronization guide for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  3. SharePoint Conference 2011– Content Planning Process–A glimpse inside.
  4. Database Maintenance for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products
  5. Office 365 Developer Training Kit – June 2011 Update
  6. Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager
  7. SharePoint 2010 Governance and Life Cycle Management
  8. New ebooks: Getting Started With Microsoft SharePoint Server and Foundation 2010
  9. Working with the ECMAScript Client Object Model (JSOM) in SharePoint 2010–Part 4 (Nikhil Sachdeva)
  10. SharePoint Workspace 2010 SDK

Top 10 SharePoint Videos Worth Watching

  1. IT Manager Webcast: How Microsoft IT Handles SharePoint 2010 Governance and Life Cycle Management
  2. TechNet Webcast: Talk TechNet with Keith Combs and Matt Hester – Episode 43: SharePoint/Backup and Recovery with Sean McDonough
  3. CRM, SharePoint and Small Business Server 2011
  4. FAST Search for SharePoint 2010
  5. SharePoint Online for IT Pros
  6. SharePoint Sideshow On Channel 9:Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps for SharePoint 2010
  7. BPVK – The Future of Productivity
  8. SharePoint Partners – Grow Your Business with Microsoft Project 2010
  9. SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Implementers’ Course
  10. SharePoint for Internet Sites Implementers’ Course

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