August was a slow month for awesome SharePoint content. It seems like everyone is holding out for the SharePoint Conference in October or just enjoying the summer weather. The following are top news, links, video, articles, and downloads that were interesting in the month of August:

Top 10 SharePoint Tweets From

  1. SharePoint 2010 Feature Upgrade Kit
  2. SharePoint is Going Away
  3. SharePoint is Dead! Long Live SharePoint!
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Business Composites Training Downloads
  5. The SharePoint Maturity Model, Version 2.0
  6. AutoSPInstaller
  7. SharePoint 2010 performance management load gets heavier
  8. Best Practices for SharePoint Server 2010
  9. Multi-page forms with the SharePoint Scenario framework
  10. Continuous Integration for SharePoint 2010 (Mike Morton)

Coming Soon…

Did I miss a SharePoint article, posting, news, link, download, event, or video that you felt should have been included in my lists last month? Let me know what you found interesting last month in the comments below.


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