On install of SharePoint 2016 I encountered my first error.

The following errors were encountered while provisioning services:

The service instance “Microsoft SharePoint Insights” could not be provisioned because of the following error: Authentication information for SPInsights service has not been set yet.

The service application(s) for the service “User Profile Service Application” could not be provisioned because of the following error: Cannot drop the procedure ‘instpdw’, because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

I wanted to use the new functionality quickly so I just ran the SharePoint configuration wizard. After some investigation I realized that the Microsoft SharePoint Insights wasn’t working because User Profile Services wasn’t working correctly either. I tried to manual create a new User Profile Service, but encountered the same missing procedure error. It was time to bring out good old ULS Viewer.


The ULS logs told me that my newly created SocialDB database didn’t give my service account enough access and the whole processed died. DOA. I gave my service account ‘public’ and ‘owner’ permissions through SQL Server Management Studio. Then in Central Administration, I deleted the User Profile Service application, but kept the associated files. I then recreated the User Profile Service application and like magic it worked.

On the Services on Farm site my “Microsoft SharePoint Insights” still says it has an issue, but I will update this post as I correct the issue.


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