This solution may not work for you. I know that fixing tasks not being created and emails not being sent all the time was not easy to resolve. This post describes solutions that worked for me and may help you.

My would be active, but or sent an would not be created. It was random. The same code would work one day and other days it would stall. I looked at all the usually places, but ULS logs, event logs, and information wasn’t helping at all.

The first issue that resolved emails and task being sent to some people and not others was changing users in the tasks and emails. I thought when you pick a user from a field you would want to pass the email address to the email or the task. Not so. You want to pass the user ID. Passing the user ID is much more reliable and it is able to find the user’s email address. If the user’s email address is not filled out for one of the users then the whole task or email can be broken. This is only true for user fields and not for SharePoint groups. I am not sure what the logic is in the Microsoft workflow, but my motto in this situations is “If it is fixed then don’t question it”.

The second issue I had was randomly task would not be created. I had to actually recreate all the parts of a task step by step to find out what happened. In the task email body somewhere was a hidden “{“. I never typed it, but I suspect that cutting and pasting through SharePoint Designer the hidden character was added. In SharePoint Designer, I received the warning message that if a “{” or “}” is included in the body of the message then the email may not be sent. I wish SharePoint Designer would have told me that as I was saving each time or in the workflow error checking. I took the contains of the email and cut and pasted it into Notepad to remove any hidden coding. Then I pasted the Notepad content into Designer and I added my variables to the email.

After all that, I didn’t experience any more issues. I hope this article helps you. Please let me know if this helped you in the comments below.


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